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South Carolina Academy of Audiology
Tara Carroll, MCD, CCC/A
SCAA Secretary/Treasurer
234 Ivy Hill Ct.
Lexington, SC 29072
Phone: (803) 898-0708

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SCAA members are professional audiologists who are university trained and licensed to practice audiology within the State of South Carolina. You can count on us for all of the solutions to your hearing problems. You can find an audiologist in South Carolina by clicking on the map on the upper right.

Award for Outstanding Clinical Audiologist

A committee has been formed to establish the Tony Whitson Award for Outstanding Clinical Audiologist.  Members of this committee include Nikki Burrow, Au.D. (Chair), Ginny Corley, Ph.D., Ben Dawsey, Au.D. and Kelly Long, Au.D.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please contact Nikki Burrows at

Our Lobbying Group

DeWorken & Harmon

John DeWorken and Sunnie Harmon represent SCAA in the South Carolina State House, fighting for issues important to SCAA members every day. John and Sunnie are partners in a South Carolina pro-business advocacy firm. Prior to establishing their advocacy firm, they created the Upstate Chamber Coalition, an 8,000-business, eleven chambers of commerce coalition designed to fight for pro-business legislative issues. More...
Congress Overrides President's Veto on Medicare Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives successfully voted to override the President's veto of the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (H.R. 6331) by an overwhelming 383-41 vote. The United States Senate followed the House and approved the override by a margin of 70-26.

The bill includes a provision to stop the scheduled 10.6 % reduction on provider payments under the Medicare physician fee schedule (under which audiologists are paid) with a continuation of the current conversion factor for 2008 and an additional 1.1% update for 2009.

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"Turn It To The Left"

"Turn It to the Left" is an educational rap song written by Benjamin Jackson, who sang the song at the last AAA conference to a standing ovation. The song is in support of the AAA's campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of exposure to high sound pressure levels. To read about the campaign and hear the song or see a performance of it, please visit

Loop System Locations in S.C.

Download list of locations Word doc
(updated 1/12/2015)

Loop systems help reduce difficulties caused by distance, background noise, and reverberation for hearing-impaired listeners. A loop system is a type of assistive listening system that can be used in different types of public facilities such as theaters, churches, bank drive through windows, airports, etc.  With this type of system, an electromagnetic field is created by a loop of wire that is run around the room or area.  Sound can be received through a telecoil in the user’s hearing aid which picks up the electromagnetic signal directly from the sound system. 

More info:

AAA State Leaders Meeting
Carla Facer is our SE Area Rep for AAA (she is in Nashville, Tenn).
Currently there are 60 student chapters of AAA with 1,700 college student members.
The Direct Access bill has 51 co-sponsors; AAA members should use the AAA website to send letters of support for the bill.
The hearing aid tax credit bill has 62 co-sponsors.  Two different bills are currently in discussion (one in the house and one in the senate)   $500.00 credit every five years looks promising.
The 2001 Congressional Hearing Caucus has restarted primarily now posed on military hearing loss and tinnitus.  There is support for bilateral cochlear implant coverage thru Medicare.
INTERNET HEARING AID SALES:  Is against the law in Florida as is any type of mail-order hearing aid sale.  Florida and Ohio are moving the fastest against United Health Care.  Ohio has draft legislation going thru the Depart. of Consumers Protection (with the support of the Ohio Atty. General) to stop internet sales.  It is strongly suggest that if an audiologist knows of a problem the patient should contact: 1. S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs 2. S.C. Department of Insurance 3. S.C. Atty. General  4. S.C. Licensure Board.  Both HIS and AAOO are fighting United Healthcare thru the FDA.  It was pointed out that a consumer does not have to be a member of United Healthcare to purchase a hearing aid from United Healthcare.
FYI: United Healthcare no longer pays for OAEs in New Jersey if the patient is over age three.
The State Leaders Meeting was attended by 9 out of 30 state AAA presidents; greater attendance is requested.  The majority of state chapters have student members.
Senator Jennifer Flanagan (Mass.) addressed the group regarding universal healthcare.  Mass. now has 99.8% coverage of children while 98% of Mass. residents have insurance coverage.
North Carolina's current chapter president expressed interest in co-sponsoring a S.C./N.C. state meeting (convention) is a great way to check patient benefits thru the use of ID.

~Robert Poland, April, 2012

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SCAA Newsletter

The Spring 2012 edition of the SCAA Newsletter is now ready for downloading in the Members Only area of the website from the Newsletter page. (3/13/2012)

SCAA Scholarship

Au.D. scholarships sponsored by SCAA are awarded on an annual basis and given to a student currently matriculating in an official Au.D. program.  The recipient must be a licensed practicing audiologist or full time student currently a resident of SC and eligible for membership in SCAA.  The award is given in the amount of $500 and is non-renewable.  Scholarship award also includes a one year student membership in SCAA.

Details and application

Can You Hear Me Now?
The Impact of Hearing Loss

muffsThough it's one of the most common workplace injuries, noise-induced hearing loss also is one of the most overlooked. Employees and employers who don't pay attention to the importance of hearing protection potentially could lose much more than just their hearing. More...


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This is how much better you'll feel you can hear when you're under the care of an SCAA Audiologist!

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